What is a C Panel?

C panel is like the control panel for windows with a similar kind of functionality. It is found in Linux based systems.  It is more like a web based panel of tools that help in developing and enhancing the features of a website. They add functions and help in setting up the website. The C panel is very simple to use and no experienced, non-professionals can also work on it to set up the website.  C panel allows the tasks on the website to be easier and completed much more quickly than usual. Some of the things that can you can easily manage with C panel are:

  1. i) The email address that you have mentioned on your site.
  2. ii) Files that are a part of the website.

iii)Applications on your website.

Red Hat, Cloud Linux and CentOS are some of the platforms on which C panel runs, it is not compatible with the windows OS. If the C panel that you have is not shared then there is a WHM (Web Host Manager) portal as well. But in case of shared you need to upgrade to VPS to actually enjoy the facility. WHM and the C panel are the owner related portals, and they have separate logins in case they are shared.

Why use the C Panel?

C panel has made the job of a system administrator much easier and simpler to such an extent, that even a non-technical person can go through the manual and be able to use it. It saves time and makes task easier. The best part is that it comes with a 15-day trial period, hence the user to be can familiarize themselves before finally purchasing the license.

How to setup the C Panel?

These instructions are valid for CENTOS.

  • Go to http://IPADDRESS:2086
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Next specify, i) server contact email address. ii) Host name of the server. iii) Primary resolver iv) secondary resolver. v) choose the ether net device.
  • Select the as the server and click save.
  • Next page you have to specify the following things: i) FTP server. ii) Mail server. iii) set the protection.
  • Lastly you can choose “system quota” as the final set up set up and click save.
  • Your C Panel is now ready to be used.

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