Learn All About VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is a virtual form of the server. VPS hosting is an environment that imitates the dedicated hardware in an environment that supports shared hosting. It basically combines shared hosting and virtual hosting.

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting account that can be used to host websites and applications online. To create a website, the files must be uploaded to a web server but setting up such hardware can be expensive and difficult to manage. Purchasing the web hosting service allows a user to rent space on someone else’s web server and makes it easier for the common man to create their own website since all they need to do now is upload their files and skip the server setup.

VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting or dedicated server accounts because they provide hardware to operate a website on. The main difference between them is the setup and installation phase, features offered and the customization level offered with each one. VPS hosting is available in many plans with varying features depending on the requirement.

What Makes VPS Hosting Different From Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hardware offers an entire server for rent to the individual or business. This is useful for those who have popular websites, catering to high traffic or need a customized setup of the server. However, not everyone requires a dedicate server. For small businesses and start-ups, shared hosting would be the best option since it can save them money. Shared hosting means you only rent a portion of the server and share the rental costs with other users. If you want a dedicated server but are deterred by the high costs then you should opt for VPS hosting.

The Technology Used in VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is supported by technology similar to the Virtual Box and VMware. The programs can run more than one virtual operating systems on a single machine. An example would be using Windows 7 on your desktop but also running another operating system such as Linux or Macintosh without having to reboot the computer.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides users with privacy unlike the shared hosting where your information is open to other users. It also allows for more customizations and offers more control over the server. VPS hosting caters dedicated resources to your website.

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