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Counting Top Level Domain Hosting Services

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Just recently, an additional seven TLDs got added to the internet root as part of a new generic TLD process run by Data Network Server (DNS) overseer, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). These seven TLDs were the ones that pushed the threshold to over 1,000. They included .barcelona .airtel, .bcn, .jprs, .game, .studio, and .live.

In response, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority’s Kim Davies, one of the guys in charge of maintaining the root zone of internet files updates, put up a well-referenced graphic showing the changes that have happened in the internet.

In March of 2009, there were 280 TLDs in existence with most of them being country code domains such as Germany’s .de and the United Kingdom’s being .uk. Of the 280 TLDs, 248 were .cc. Where country code domains once stood at 89% of the internet’s space of names, they now stand at a mere 29%.